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They say home is where the heart is. I've always wondered who "they" were but… (I digress) here, Home is YOU.  The G.L.O.W. Rx Community is a place where you can reconnect with YOU to become a more WellYOU with the option to connect with others who share in your journey. 

Have you ever felt disconnected and exhausted from running around for everyone else because you love them and you think that is what you are supposed to do?

God never intended for you to sacrifice yourself for the greater good because in the end, YOU are an integral part of that good. When you're not healthy and thriving and operating at your best then everything and everyone else connected to you suffers.

Consider The WellYOU G.L.O.W. Rx Community your personal oasis of reconnection to ignite your GLOW and re-establish your mental, physical, emotional, and soul-full wellness. It's time for you to reconnect and Be Your Best Self! Ignite your G.L.O.W.!

So, what is it that you get here?
I help you to become the best version of yourself so that you can make more money, create more memories, experience more love, Grow & Live Optimally Well (G.L.O.W.)

Put simply, A WellYOU is Wellness Personified. 

Let’s explore The WellYOU G.L.O.W. R-Xperience shall we?

All The Tools You Need To Create A WellYOU.

The current YOU gets you by…A WellYOU gets you MORE!

Immerse yourself in practices that integrate seamlessly into your busy life, enhancing your overall well-being.

WellYOU is more than a program; it's a commitment to WHOLE and HARMONIOUS LIVING.  This is living in complete FULLNESS & FREEDOM of who you are (no more facades) with a calibrated equilibrium of wellness for self, family, love, & prosperity as a WellYOU.



WellYOU G.L.O.W. Rx RESET 6-Month or 12-Month Cohort

Jump start YOUR journey to a WellYOU. All it takes is one step...and then another...and then another. Do so with support and guidance. It's 12 months that will transform your life!

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1:1 Executive Mental Mastery Coaching
(WellYOU G.L.O.W. R-Xperience)

Meditation. Mindfulness. Movement. Mental Mindset Mastery Experience. Learn to harness your inner Power and Own your PEACE through the practice of the mind. You have to BE WELL to LEAD WELL.

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1:1 Executive Wellness Coaching
(WellYOU G.L.O.W. R-Xperience ONE)

ONE:ONE  For the high performer that understands the  importance of being WELL and how that impacts the BOTTOM LINE  of every aspect of business and LIFE. 

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