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Why it all starts with the perfect FUEL on the go... 

Before starting this business and even now, whenever we are out and about, it never fails...I am always STARVING! It's something about random appointments that give me the munchies and that's when snack machines begin to look like a Thanksgiving feast! Have you ever been there?

As an Integrative Health Doctor and Corporate Wellness Trainer, my husband and I try our very best to live and eat well setting the right example for our family. It's not about perfection, it's simply trying to avoid junk whenever possible, right?

Here's the ISSUE, snack machines tend to have the LEAST healthy and MOST unhealthy food possible and at the worst possible time, when you are feeling the hungriest you can imagine. So Kamal and I thought, why not change that. Why not offer items that edify the body and not crucify it. Foods that fuel and energize as opposed to fade and empty.

Thus, welcome to The WellYOU Bar Vending Services. Have vending services already? No problem. We offer items for a different aspect of the population. Many of those snacks are super processed and full of lots of chemicals ad additives that wreak havoc on the body. Health is IMPORTANT to people. 

*74% of consumers are following specific diets and eating patterns to eat healthier in 2022.

*According to Statista, 50% of Americans are trying to eat healthier.

*NPR said that 75% of their respondents prioritize eating healthy.

These numbers clearly show that HEALTH is IMPORTANT to people. Just because you're on the go, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health and goals.

Let us nourish your clients, your tribe, your customers so that they feel better and stay on track with the goals they've set or perhaps, inspire them to set some new goals around eating healthier to live more abundantly.


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